Jaxx Liberty

Change Log

Jaxx Liberty 2.0.6 (Updates):



  • ShapeShift 2.0 (OAuth and KYC/AML integration).
  • Customize Interface option for mobile viewports.

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing insufficient gas error message.
  • Article description is missing for some articles
  • Balance on home page for Wallets and Portfolio load infinite gains/loss
  • 0 Values for tokens with shiftCount shown in Block Explorer
  • Back button on Block explorer is inactive
  • Dead link on Transaction Hash link for coins in Block Explorer module
  • Block Explorer: Missing BTC logo for dropdown menu on homepage
  • Block Explorer: negative values not trimmed well
  • Block Explorer: No ERC20 token ticker at search bar
  • Block Explorer: Selecting dropdown changes app size and layout
  • Block Explorer: Sent to self is shown as an outgoing transactions for coins
  • Block Explorer: Incorrect Fiat balance displayed on address lookup for altcoins
  • Chrome Extension - Info icon distorted and requires padding on Wallets > Receive page
  • Chrome UI: Scrolling is disabled on all pages
  • Confirmation Screen: “Confirm” text is not vertically aligned inside button
  • Create New Wallet: config file is not refreshing from server
  • Desktop: Backup Wallet success screen not vertically aligned
  • Desktop: Coin ticker is cut off when balance has too many decimal places
  • Desktop Manage Wallets: Draggable object is invisible
  • Desktop Portfolio: Enabling/Disabling wallet doubles balance and list of coins shown
  • Desktop Responsiveness issues
  • myJaxx puzzle is resizable
  • Portfolio widget text overlap
  • Wallets widget and myJaxx reduces in size when you are signed up for myJaxx
  • Wallet Widget text overlap
  • Empty red banner without any error message when transaction broadcast request times out on cloudflare
  • ERC20 Wallet: Confirmation screen shows contract address as receiving address
  • ETC red banner consolidation error
  • Fiat currency shows default 0 values on pair restore wallet.
  • TokenCard fiat value missing
  • Block explorer bottom line on the widget. It’s not aligned on Note 8.
  • Runtime error on Pair/Restore from Global Settings (stuck on 10/11)
  • Manage Wallets: # of Wallets enabled on Global Settings is wrong
  • Manage Wallets: Enabling coin you searched brings it them to the top of the list after
  • Manage Wallets: No search results if input value is not lowercase
  • Markets: Newer supported assets aren’t always linked to Wallet > Info page
  • Markets: Only the 2nd column is scrollable instead of the entire page
  • Capacitive back button allows to go back to pair/restore page
  • MyJaxx: w/password enabled, info needs to be entered twice
  • News: Missing description/summary/warning for some articles
  • Pair/Restore wallet page is missing text “Scan QR Code”
  • Portfolio: No Error message when Portfolio fails
  • Portfolio: Portfolio fails after initializing DGB,BTX and GRS
  • Portfolio: timestamp does not change after manual refresh
  • Portfolio and MyJaxx shown scrolled down on Chrome
  • Private Keys: Clicking “Copy” button before private keys finish loading gives a false positive
  • Private keys: ETH “hide zero balances” doesn’t work
  • Refresh icon is missing padding on the right
  • Remove blue screen when pairing or restoring a wallet
  • Send page: fiat value doesn’t change when it’s selected and overwritten
  • Send Page: fiat value goes to default amount after hitting “Cancel” on Confirmation page
  • ShapeShift: “Sign in again” link is not working
  • ShapeShift: DOGE Max shift value requires improvements in displaying
  • ShapeShift: Error TX-021 - false negative for successful ShapeShift transaction
  • ShapeShift: If ETH max is greater then spendable, max button does not fill input fields
  • ShapeShift: Incorrect token balance on exchange page
  • ShapeShift: Min and Max unresponsive for some assets
  • ShapeShift: Minimum quantity only displayed after selecting another asset and re-selecting the first first
  • ShapeShift: No error message when balance is less then min or when amount entered is more than max
  • ShapeShift: Red SnackBar error TX-024 when selecting non ERC-20 assets
  • ShapeShift: Trying to ShapeShift before level 1 verification still broadcasts the transaction
  • ShapeShift: TX-030 error instead of SS Integration page when not connected to ShapeShift
  • Title UI: Desktop titles should read “Jaxx Liberty” instead of Liberty Platform
  • Transactions don’t show for all coins because incorrect data structure is being passed to the transaction component
  • Wallet: Coin balance displayed is more than the Fiat balance displayed
  • Wallet: Can’t send DCN
  • When sending with Password enabled, fiat balance shown is zero after entering password
  • TX History: Certain currency acronyms/abbreviations are added to prefix of sent values for certain tokens
  • TX history: Value Now is negative for many asset tx’s
  • Red snackbar “BigNumber Error” when sending SWC
  • UI: Chrome extension: Transaction History cut off at the bottom [BUG]
  • UI:Customize Interface: Option shown on Desktop [BUG]
  • Wallet: Balance doesn’t update on the UI when you’re in the home screen even after “Payment Received” snackbar appears [BUG]
  • Wallets: 0 balance is shown after wallet is initialized [BUG]
  • Wallets list no longer says “Click to initialize” for wallets that have not been initialized [BUG]
  • Wallets UI: iPhone5/SE Layout of certain tokens incongruent with others [BUG]

Jaxx Liberty 2.0.5 (Updates):



  • ZCASH Sapling update
  • Groestlecoin (GRS) integration

Jaxx Liberty 2.0.4 (Updates):



  • ShapeShift transaction component rework ( app will now await for the ShapeShift order ID before signing transaction )
  • Add last updated timestamp to Portfolio Widget
  • Portfolio optimization for low powered devices
  • Add app version number in the About menu header in Global Settings
  • Add link to Changelog History below ToS in Global Settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Chrome Extension Unintended click to wallets while swiping through wallets
  • Incorrect crypto balance shown on exch

Jaxx Liberty 2.0.3 (Updates):



  • ShapeShift transaction component rework ( app will now await for the ShapeShift order ID before signing transaction )
  • Add last updated timestamp to Portfolio Widget
  • Portfolio optimization for low powered devices
  • Add app version number in the About menu header in Global Settings
  • Add link to Changelog History below ToS in Global Settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Chrome Extension unintended click to wallets while swiping through wallets
  • Incorrect crypto balance shown on exchange page
  • Native currency is always in USD on MarketCap, supply, and volume when native currency is other than USD in Settings
  • Missing coin logo at summary page for block explorer address lookup - for BTC,BCH,BTX and DGB only
  • Added upcoming Days of Jaxx tokens to Pricing service
  • For tokens with shiftCount balance after initialization is 0 followed by payment received snackbar (false alert) - tokens like MGO, POE, DGD, STORJ will experience this issue
  • Missing fiat values for some newly added tokens (intermittent issue)
  • False positive for failed ShapeShift transaction - this fix will make sure the app shows an error message for failed ShapeShift transaction instead of showing the user the ShapeShift success page with the rotating heart
  • ShapeShift: can pick the same asset to exchange to - users are able to select a same coin pair from the drop down ETC consolidation with password not working
  • No balance displayed next to address when viewing private keys
  • Private keys with balance not displayed for BTC, ETC, LTC and DOGE
  • While performing Pair/Restore from Global Settings app intermittently getting stuck at 10/11
  • False negative for Offline warning (when the device is actually online)
  • Fixed an issue with the app occasionally not showing the correct balance on the Home Screen Wallet widget
  • When sending tokens: confirmation screen shows contract address as receiving address which can lead to sending to contract addresses

Jaxx Liberty 2.0.1 (2) (Hotfix):


Bug Fixes:

  • Missing information(address panel) for addresses on Block explorer address lookup
  • Desktop: Wrong coin color on Wallets widget
  • Desktop: Empty blue page after Pair/Restore
  • Two of the same wallet is shown on Wallets Widget, Portfolio, and list of Private keys
  • UI: Desktop home screen background image is zoomed in
  • Wallet Setup: Can't scroll for desktop version
  • Block explorer missing icon issue

Jaxx Liberty 2.0.1 (Hotfix) [Released]:


Bug Fixes:

  • Assets for Tokens
Jaxx Legacy

Change Log


• Asset Update


• Security Fixes


• Security Enhancements
• RSK (rootstock) support
• Address Book
• UI Enhancements and minor bug fixes


• Feature Updates & Bug Fixes


• More control of the initialization process
• Advance Jaxx custom data validation update
• Tips and Tricks is back
• Assets integration
• Update spendable algorithm
• UI and UX updates
• *Bug Fixes*


• ShapeShift UI major updates
• Mining fee algorithm changes
• Argentina Peso currency added
• Custom data on advance Jaxx update
• Security update for desktop builds
• Dynamic gas price for tokens
• Architecture changes and stable pricing data
• New infrastructure support for up to date information


• ShapeShift improvements
• Hot Fix


New Features

• ETH Gas Limit Control with limit maximums and minimums in Advance Jaxx
• Paper Wallet activation
• Pricing Data update

Bug Fixes

• BTC transaction histories display correct balances
• ETC spendable balance is checked before allowing a send-transaction
• ETH wallets now show accurate balances in transaction history
• ERC20 spendable balance is checked and verified before attempting a send transaction for all ERC20 tokens
• ShapeShift Unavailable Message is now available on all platforms


• Fixed Spendable Issues


• BCH Integration
• Performance improvements
• BTC build transactions have been resolved
• Added jaxx config version
• Implemented general URI support for QR scanner validator
• Minor security updates
• Fixed UI issues
• ETC & ZEC Updated for Transactions and Balances
• Send Confirmation Popup updated
• Fixed issue where Desktop application was not closing on close


• Added BNT


• Added DAP


• Added EOS


• Added ANT


• Added SNT


• Added SAN


• Added WINGS


• Added EDG


• Added RLC


• Added BAT


• Added TenX


• Added Maecenas


• Added QTUM


• Added Musiconomi


• Added Cofound.it


• Added Po.et


• Added Stox


• BTC transactions (mining fees update)
• Change log update
• REP contract update
• Display private keys bug fixes


• Added Civic Token


• Bug fixes
• Roll back Civic token


• Added Civic Token


• LTC multisig support
• Doge private keys UI fix
• Bulletin updates
• ETH warning message updated based on selecting fiat
• Default gas limit of ICOs updated


• Added Slow mining fee pop up with warning message
• Added ETH warning message for greater than 1000 ETH
• Pricing updates


• Reduced ETH gas cost
• ETH and ETC gas price display issue in Transaction History fixed
• ETH and ETC Replay Safe Split issue fixed


• Added Pricing information for ICN, BCAP and DigixDAO
• Ethereum Balances updated
• Bitcoin average mining fees updated


• Added Doge
• Fixed Ethereum cache balances


• Added BCAP
• Ethereum HD addresses no longer generated


• Fixed Gnosis Pricing
• Fixed Golem Caching
• Instant unconfirmed with Dash, litecoin and Zcash


• Added DigixDAO


• Added Iconomi


• Added Golem


• Added Gnosis
• Fixed minor carousel issue
• Biginteger issue resolved for small amounts


• Added coin-specific Bulletin in Menu
• Sleep mode activates after 5 minutes of inactivity
• Bug with incorrect version numbers fixed
• Terms of Service "Accept" button more responsive
• Drop down arrow position fixed
• Zcash and LTC minor fixes
• Initializing Wallet message centered
• Loading Wallet modal after Pair / Restore now opaque
• Error message in Ethereum Private Keys removed
• REP icon now visible in Ethereum Private Keys