Step 1: Retrieve your brainwallet from KryptoKit

Jaxx Platforms

1 Open KryptoKit Extension and click on 'Wallet Options'

Jaxx Integrations

2 Then click on 'Export Brainwallet'

Jaxx Integrations

3 Copy the text in the red box by highlighting it first, then pressing CTRL + C (Windows) or CMD + C (Mac)

Step 2: Convert your brainwallet to a private key

Step 3: Import your private key to Jaxx

1 Open Jaxx and click on the hamburger menu at the top

2 Make sure you have the Bitcoin wallet enabled under the Wallets tab

Jaxx Integrations

3 Click on the Menu tab, then on "Tools"

4 Click on "Transafer Paper Wallet"

5 Click on "Transfer BTC Paper Wallet"

Jaxx Integrations

6 Read the instructions carefully, then click "I UNDERSTAND"

7 Enter the private key you just generated

8 Once your private key is entered, click on "NEXT"

Jaxx Integrations

9 Click on "TRANSFER TO JAXX" and you are done

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