Intellectual Property


Section 3.4 of our terms of service, entitled “Respect Others’ Work”, refers to third-party rights-holders. Some of these require that we distribute, in all copies or substantial portions of Jaxx Liberty, certain notices relating to their intellectual property.

Market Data

Jaxx Liberty exposes certain market data. This data is currently provided by Coinranking and Coinranking is a project of Trinary Digital BV (Netherlands), which requires the following notice: “Data provided by Coinranking”. is a project of ShapeShift AG (Switzerland).


Jaxx Liberty is made by Decentral Inc. “Jaxx”, “Decentral”, and the unique words, phrases, images, and visual styles that distinguish us and our services from others, and from others’, are registered or unregistered trademarks of Decentral Inc.

Other words, phrases, images, and visual styles displayed in Jaxx Liberty are the trademarks of third parties. These third parties include Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoinist, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Nulltx, and ShapeShift.

Trademark law helps to prevent confusion as to who performs, offers, or endorses what services. We reserve our rights in the use of our trademarks, ask that others not use them without our permission, and suggest third-party trademarks be approached in the same way.

Text and Images

Text and images authored by Decentral are licensed to you under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. This means that you may reuse and remix them, but must provide attribution, include the notices that that license requires, and confuse noone as to text’s or an image’s source. Because blockchain-based digital assets are especially vulnerable to impersonation attacks, we will enforce our rights strictly where warranted.

Text and images marked as authored by third parties are subject to their copyright. For instance, Jaxx Liberty’s news module integrates news snippets distributed to us through third-party RSS feeds. They link back to the articles designated in the feed by their publisher. Those articles are subject to the copyright rights of their creators, and of those to whom their creators have delegated those rights.

We’ll change up, from time to time, the RSS feeds our news module flows through, and sources whose snippets we make available. We always reserve the right to do that.

Software Libraries

We make use of the following 303 open-source JavaScript libraries, whose copyright notices we will include in a forthcoming version of Jaxx Liberty:

@angular/animations; @angular/cdk; @angular/common; @angular/compiler; @angular/core; @angular/forms; @angular/http; @angular/material; @angular/platform-browser; @angular/platform-browser-dynamic; @angular/router; @ngx-translate/core; @ngx-translate/http-loader; @tweenjs/tween.js; @types/marked; @types/node; @types/prismjs; abbrev; acorn; amdefine; android-versions; angular2-virtual-scroll; ansi; ansi-escapes; ansi-regex(3); ansi-styles(2); argparse; asn1; assert-plus; ast-types; async(2); atoa; aws-sign2; babel-polyfill; babel-runtime; balanced-match; base-x(2); base64-js; bchaddrjs; bech32; big-integer; bigi(2); bignumber.js; bindings; bip32-utils; bip39; bip66; bitcoin-ops; bitcoinjs-lib; bitcoinjs-lib-zcash; bitcoinjs-message; bitcore-lib; bl; bluebird; bluebird-lst; bn.js(5); boom; bplist-creator; bplist-parser(2); brace-expansion; brorand; browserify-aes; browserify-sha3; bs58(3); bs58check(4); buffer-compare; buffer-equals; buffer-from; buffer-xor; builder-util-runtime; caseless; cashaddrjs; chalk(2); cipher-base(2); cli-cursor; cli-width; clipboard; combined-stream; concat-map; concat-stream; contra; cordova-android; cordova-clipboard; cordova-common(2); cordova-ios; cordova-plugin-add-swift-support; cordova-plugin-device; cordova-plugin-file; cordova-plugin-inappbrowser; cordova-plugin-network-information; cordova-plugin-qrscanner; cordova-plugin-splashscreen; cordova-plugin-statusbar; cordova-plugin-whitelist; cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine; cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing; cordova-registry-mapper; core-js(2); core-util-is; create-hash(3); create-hmac(3); crossvent; cryptiles; crypto-js; ctype; custom-event; debug(4); debuglog; deep-equal; deep-extend; defined; delayed-stream; delegate; dragula; drbg.js; ecurve; electron; electron-download; electron-is-dev; electron-log; electron-updater; elementtree; elliptic(2); encoding; es6-promise; es6-promise-plugin; escape-string-regexp(2); esmangle-evaluator; esprima; esprima-fb; ethereum-common; ethereumjs-tx; ethereumjs-util; evp_bytestokey; external-editor; extract-zip; falafel; fd-slicer; figures; forever-agent; form-data; fs-extra(2); fs-extra-p; get-stdin(2); glob(2); good-listener; graceful-fs(2); has-ansi(2); hash.js(2); hawk; hmac-drbg; hoek(2); home-path; http-signature; iconv-lite; immediate; inflight; inherits(2); ini; inline-process-browser; inquirer; ios-sim; is-fullwidth-code-point; is-promise; is-stream; isarray; js-sha3; js-yaml; json-stringify-safe; jsonfile(2); keccakjs; klaw; lazy-val; lie; localforage; lodash(3); lodash.isequal; lru-cache; marked; merkle-lib; mime; mime-types; mimic-fn; minimalistic-assert; minimalistic-crypto-utils(2); minimatch(3); minimist(5); mkdirp; moment; ms(3); mute-stream; nan(2); ng2-dragula; ngx-clipboard; ngx-electron; ngx-infinite-scroll; ngx-markdown; ngx-window-token; node-fetch; node-uuid(2); nopt(3); nugget; oauth-sign; object-assign; object-inspect; object-keys; once; onetime; opencollective; opn; os-homedir; os-tmpdir(2); osenv; path-exists; path-is-absolute; pbkdf2; pegjs; pend; pinkie; pinkie-promise; plist; pretty-bytes; prismjs; private; progress-stream; properties-parser; punycode; pushdata-bitcoin; q; qr-image; qrcode-reader; qs; randombytes; rc; readable-stream(4); recast; regenerator-runtime; request; restore-cursor; resumer; rimraf; ripemd160; rlp; run-async; rx; rxjs; safe-buffer; sax(2); sdp; secp256k1; select; semver(4); sha.js; sha3; shelljs(2); sigmund; signal-exit; simctl; simple-plist; single-line-log(2); sntp; source-map(2); source-map-support; speedometer; sprintf-js; stream-buffers; string-width; string_decoder; stringstream; strip-ansi(2); strip-json-comments; sumchecker; supports-color(2); symbol-observable; tail; tape; throttleit; through(2); through2(4); ticky; tiny-emitter; tmp; tough-cookie; tunnel-agent; typedarray; typeforce; underscore; universalify; unorm; unreachable-branch-transform; util-deprecate; varuint-bitcoin(2); web3; webrtc-adapter; wif; wrappy; xcode; xml-escape; xmlbuilder; xmldom; xtend(2); yauzl; zone.js.