Third Party Integrations & Contractors

The following is a list of third-party integrations and contractors that may be exposed to Jaxx users’ personal information.

Party (Jurisdiction) Functionality Data Exposed
1. Jaxx integrations
ShapeShift AG (Switzerland) Application transferring Digital Assets between coin and token types. IP address; blockchain address; transaction information.
2. User communications
Zendesk Inc. (United States) Track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. Name and email address (optional and as presented: not tied to Jaxx instance); ticket information (free text).
SendGrid Inc. (United States) Store and send emails to myJaxx users. myJaxx display name; email address; IP address in use at time of subscription.
3. Cloud platform
Amazon Web Services Inc. (United States). Cloud hosting for the Jaxx service. All Jaxx data flows (encrypted).
4. Web site
Cloudflare Inc. (United States) Cookie for Web security. Browsing habits.
Google Inc. (United States) Cookie for Web security. Browsing habits.